What Would Happen If I Died Without An Estate Plan?

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There are several reasons why it is important to have an estate plan. In your lifetime, you most likely will want to make sure that you have control of your assets, and if anything were to ever happen to you – such as incapacitation – that your personal estate would be taken over and controlled…

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Three Reasons Why You Should Use A Mediator

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Making your dispute resolution less of a hassle. When you find yourself in a situation where conflict has emerged, knowing how to resolve it can be challenging. Sometimes you may even avoid conflict completely. You may be hoping it will just disappear. And sometimes, you may even want to bring the other person to justice…

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I Have No Will. What Happens To My Children?

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After you pass away, do you know what your child can receive if you have no will?  Parents are not obligated to leave any property to their children upon their death. Parents do not legally have to provide any of their belongings or estate to children. This sounds a little harsh, but some states allow…

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Just Married? Need An Estate Plan?

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Congratulations on your nuptials! We hope you had a dreamy honeymoon. Now it’s time to tackle estate planning early and get down to business. Sitting down with your spouse and discussing estate plan updates or intentions will put you both in a position to be prepared for the unexpected.  Here are 3 things to do after…

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