Probates, Probate Alternatives, And Summary Probate Proceedings

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Probate is sometimes unavoidable.  It can be an expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating process.  An experienced probate attorney can make all the difference.  Cannon Legal Firm is here to explore probate alternatives, help guide you through the process and handle your probate matter from start to finish.

When Appropriate, we can assist with:

  • Spousal Property Petitions
  • Small Estate Affidavits
  • Small Estate Proceedings requiring court approval

We  work closely with executors and administrators to:

  • File the initial Petition for Probate and get the Personal Representative appointed for the Estate.
  • Provide advice on collecting, inventorying, and appraising assets
  • Advise on the payment of debts, taxes, and expenses of the estate
  • Provide notice to creditors
  • Resolve creditor claims
  • Sell the estate’s real property
  • Address beneficiary questions and concerns
  • Resolve any disputes
  • File an accounting with the court
  • Assist in the final distribution of the assets

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