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Why Reviewing Your Estate Plan Should Be at the Top of Your To-Do List

Creating and maintaining an estate plan is an essential step...
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Time to Renew Your Estate Plan?

An estate plan is crucial for managing it until distribution...
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Resolving Disputes with Estate Mediation

When a loved one passes away, the family left behind...
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Tips and Steps for Navigating through Probate

Understanding and successfully navigating through the complex labyrinth of probate...
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Estate Planning for 18-Year-Olds or Young Adults

You graduate from High School, and you’ve turned 18. You...
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Estate Planning and Elderly Parents 

Yes, it is difficult to think of the death of...

3 Estate Planning Strategies to Support Family Harmony

Conceptually, people may think estate planning is exclusively about money....

Health Care Decision Makers and Surrogates

If you don’t Designate your Health Care Agent, it May...

New Year, Don’t Put Off Your Estate Plan

Can you believe it's almost another new year? For some,...

Why Do Most People Not Have an Estate Plan?

Many People Delay Estate Planning Some just don’t see a...


Dana is very professional and knowledgeable in dealing with probate-related matters. I would recommend her to anyone whose loved ones just passed away and need help with property/estate transfer issues.

Yong Liang

I cannot say enough good things about Dana. My sister passed rather unexpectedly and her estate was thrown together hastily. Dana took her time in reviewing the trust documents and gave me her expert advise in deciphering if the trust was valid or not. She was very kind and extremely helpful.
If I could give her more than 5 stars I would!
I highly recommend giving her a call!