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August 9, 2021

Everyone has a unique experience with their parents, but being prepared is vital to success as they age. Some just need basic information for their parents, while others need agencies for eldercare services and resources.

Some people may even be looking for actual legal services through agencies that can provide legal documentation. And some may be looking for assistance with financing the needs and care for their parents both present and in the future. 

If your parents already have a strong aging plan, make sure you are able to access the plan, including information on accounts, and access to necessary documents. 

No matter where you stand, you should be smart and start planning now. 

This starts with an honest conversation with your parents. 

Take small steps with them so they would not be overwhelmed with the process. 

Discuss the following with them:

  • Define their present and future healthcare needs 
  • At-home care
  • Use of caregivers
  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living centers 
  • Discuss insurance
  • Care of their home
  • Transportation
  • Obtain information for local healthcare services and resources  

Elderly care is not just for your parents. 

It can also apply to the following:

  • Spousal care
  • Other relatives that are elderly
  • Relatives that are critically or chronically ill 
  • Relatives with ongoing and or significant needs
  • Yourself

Always remember, without the proper legal documentation, you will not be permitted to make decisions on behalf of the elderly. 

What is Elder Law?

Elder law covers all of the legal practice matters dealing with legal topics for the aging. In California, elder law involves understanding how to receive the services that are provided for Californians, as well as which services are available. Protecting your parents with advanced planning for real estate and investment. And knowing federal and state laws for your parents’ protection. 

It is important to speak with an elder law attorney

This attorney can help make the process smooth and headache-free for you and your loved ones. They will provide a legal perspective, prepare legal documentation, and better define the needs of your parents. A living will and health care directives provided by the elder law attorney will give you the ability to make decisions on behalf of your parents that are consistent with their wishes, beliefs, and values when they can no longer make these decisions on their own. Being proactive with a plan can also help avoid sibling rivalry in case of disagreements. 

Put a plan together with your parents while you are still able to. Without legal documentation of your parents’ wishes, their desires are futile. 

It would be our pleasure to assist you if you need help or have further questions.

Dana Cannon of Cannon Legal Firm is currently offering free, no-obligation consultations. You will never be alone in protecting the assets of your loved ones, their health care directives, and their wishes. Let your parents be cared for in the respectful manner they deserve. 


An estate planning and elder law attorney will consult with family members to discuss your particular needs. 

Get an attorney’s perspective of estate plans in California.

About the author 

Dana Cannon

Dana M. Cannon has many years of experience with Probates, Conservatorships, Trusts and Estates. During that time she has advised clients on multi-million dollar trust administrations; handled complex litigation; performed estate planning; and represented clients in contested and uncontested conservatorship, guardianship, probate and trust matters. She has been a volunteer at the Los Angeles Superior Court Pro Bono Probate Settlement Program since it began.  She understands that these matters may not just involve money. They are often fueled by emotions and because of that this isn’t just business, it’s personal. She looks forward to assisting you with your legal needs.

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